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Fire Breathing Carb

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Okay, I still can't get the swapped in 304 to crank. We decided to take off the MC 2100/2150 carb and put on a brand new Holley replacement carb my buddy had laying around. Well, we went to turn the key we kept getting a backfire out of the carb. Why's it doing this? Is it a vacuum leak? I am so frustrated...

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I know it sounds silly, but make sure the carb spacer ( black plastic thingy) is pu ton the right way, itll go oiver the 4 studs either way, and one way will involve a huge vac leak.

ive seen that more than once.

also check, recheck, and absolutely for sure verify your timing, check plug#1 at top dead center, pull that valve cover and make sure the valves are doing what they should do in sequence with teh firing order

check, recheck, verify, ask, and reference the book, youll find it.


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