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Finally finished Tubing PICS

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At the customers request this was to be made 100% bolt in what an undertaking that was, but it turned out well. It consits of 3 pc. front and both sides the sides bolt to the front (notice gussets and bolts.) I think I will be house bound for the next couple wks so I dont end up in divorce ct. LOL The wife is a little on edge with the time being spent out in the shop.. Oh well

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Looks real good, i like the idea of being bolt on. So tell the wife you have a lot of zuki enthusiasts on edge for a quality product and she will have to compromise. Just kidding you better suck up to her, i'm sure she has been very understanding on the late nights. Another job well done scott!
That's beautiful work.

Yes, make the wife happy. When the wife/mom is happy, everyone is happy.
Very COOL Scott!! Makes me want one for the buggy
Did I say buggy???
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Thanx guys I have around 52 hrs total but granted this is the 1st one. Now that the #'s and dimensions are in the old computer it shouldnt take near as long for the next one. I realy thought the bolt in was a neat idea BUT it does comprimise the overall strength and the time to make all the dam tabs sucked, I deffiantly wont sell another one for the price. It went for
Teach the wife to weld and bend. Then you will be spending quality time with her! 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Teach the wife to weld and bend. Then you will be spending quality time with her!

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