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Re: Figured out how she\'s gonna be

What size tires are you planning to run. With those 2.73 gears you will be putting a heck of a strain on your drive shafts,U joints, pinions and yokes. I have a freind of mine with a 94 and 3.07 gears who went that route to keep his RPMs for the frwy and such. When he went to 35" tires he couldnt complete a run without breaking something,usualy (rear pinion yoke). The other thing to consider if you like long trail rides ie: Rubicon, Dusi, If you run the ARB in the front and the rear and you lose your air compressor and back up air(I use a Power tank for back up)you will be open front and rear, this happened to me last year on Rubicon, my 12v compressor burned up and I was not aware that the valve had not been closed after I loaned out the pwer tank, and I had a slow leak at one of the quick connects. I had to really struggle through the trail open, and was able to install a borrowed 12 v late in the day. After that I went to Detroit rear, ARB front. Just something to think about as your designing your ultimate set up.
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