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Talk on this board about a TAZ shift handle bounced my memory. Maybe someone can help.
Several years ago, I saw a car that had the shift handle made from an aircraft control stick (Cobra helicopter I think). I thought how cool it would be to have one from an F-16, F-15, etc. MAN! You could hook all your electrics up to it! Horn, wipers, lights - the whole bit!
Does anyone know how and where I could get one (short of the black market)? Any aircraft mechs that could tell me how to install it?
This has mostly been a wish, but with the right info, it could become reality!


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Your best bet on a part like that is here: That's a parts locator service for planes and choppers.

While you are at it, check out this one:

All the way at the bottom of the page are military spec toggle switches and aircraft safety covers to go over them. Too cool, I'm gonna use them for all my fog light switches...

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Jc Whitney has something similar in their discount catalog (not the website). Pretty nice setup with a leather knob. A push button on the side by the thumb, and a rocker switch lower than the thumb.
I picked one up for $30 and will be putting my KCs on a relay on the rocker (I also have the KCs on the saftey switches on the dash) and a line locker on the button. BTW: you can get the safety (covered) switches cheapest at home depot, or a local speed shop.

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