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FiberwerX, manufacturers of offroad fiberglass and carbon fiber products are proud to present the Rhino OEM Replacement Dash. This is a direct bolt unit and completely replaces the existing stock dash. Available in carbon fiber and regular gel coat, the dash is perfect for mounting aftermarket accessories such as a GPS unit or gauges for those hardcore Rhino enthusiast. More importantly it looks great and feels like you are adding 10 more horsepower and performance to your Rhino.

Recently we released a full body kit to our Yamaha Rhino line of products. We have committed with input from partners such as Side by Side magazine to design a few more options for the Rhinos and improve on what has already been released.

FiberwerX supplies offroad racers and enthusiasts with the most innovative designs and most durable body panels on the market today. With a complete line of products that cover all major Truck brands, you can be assured that FiberwerX has you covered whether you are looking for a complete body kit for your offroad vehicle, a mild pair of fenders, or an extreme "trophy truck" system to outfit your race truck.

Here is a link to our rhino products:
FiberwerX Rhino products


rear clip

front clip
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