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I just picked up 2 new fiberglass fenders and a hood for my 81 CJ that is being rebuilt.

There are no holes in these parts. Obviuosly I will have to drill holes to mount the fenders to the tub and grill. anyone have tips for measuring where to drill the holes, specifically on the tub side? It will be easy to mark to the grill holes, but the tub side has limited access.

Also do I need to use the braces that run from the fire wall to the fenders? If so where can I get replacements?

I'm trying to remember if the all of the hood hardware uses nuts and bolts or not, I think it does so my question is, what about the hood support rod, how does one mount it?

Also my hood has a small chip on the front lip, what is the best way/product to fill it in?

Mark F


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As far as the holes go, just make a template out of some cardboard using the old fenders and/or the tub. Use a common reference such as the bottom edge of the fender. Just make sure that they are both the same length before you start.

I wouldn't worry about the braces, but I am using a one piece front and have the front fenders all cut out. I would rather let the fiberglass flex when a tire stuffs into it than have it dig into the tire.

The hood hardware can all be nuts and bolts. I just stuck two small pieces of self adhesive door molding to the top of the hood where it contacts the windsheild frame and lay it back on it.

Just use you favorite body filler to touch it up. Large damaged areas are best done with cloth (fiberglass) and resin.

The Grim Jeeper!
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