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I came across the original molds for jeepster fenders, hoods, tops, one piece front ends and who knows what else.
They were produced by Brian Chuchua's jeep years ago, and the parts have been in his storage yard for some time now.
Here is the catch. He wants $1,ooo for the whole lot, but you have to take them all and have them out of there by may 10th. This is in rural san diego county.
He has an incredible piece of property that is surrounded by indian property and they suddenly are denying him access and have given him until the 10th to get out what he can. Yep, they won the war here.
So folks, if there is a fiberglass mfg. out there that can take the parts in the short time frame, it would be in our best interest to help out.
E-mail me with serous inqu. only please. PS he did have a jeepster grill and liftgate for a hardtop in ok shape 50$ each.
Good luck!


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I know just where they are at. They have been stored there for years. Seen the molds too. They are in very rough shape and making new molds would be far better. I have molds now for the flairs and hood. Have fenders prepped to make a mold from also have a few Hurst scoops that might be reproduced. Is Brain still into helicopters? I did buy all his carbs for the 225 and a few other items as well.

Hey, what is you email address... I grew up near Brains place.

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Sure would be great if one of the molds was for a fiberglass halfcab -- Even a full cab-- NO RUST. Seriously a halfcab would be nice to have in the winter.

Dave Cardwell
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