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Fiberglass body

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I am considering replaciong my factory metal CJ tub with a fiberglass tub from 4WD hardware. This will only be cost efvective for me if the white gel coat is of a quality that will not require paint. Has anybody had any experience with the quality of finish of 4WD hardware? Will I need to paint the tub? Will the gel coat of the fenders, hood, windshield frame and tub all match?

Depewtee '78 CJ-5 (in the garage in pieces)
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You shouldn't "need" to paint over the gel coat. The finish looks really nice from the factory, but (you new there was a BUT didn't you) gel coats fade rapidly in the sun. If this is just a weekend trail rig the finish should last a long time. If it is a daily driver and it sits in the sun all day, expect the finish to fade in a couple of years! Also, with the gel coat you can have any color you long as it's white (from 4WD Hardware anyways). Very nice bodies though.

Mike H.
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I have a white fiberglass body from 4wd and it has been on there for at least five years (I can't remember exactly when it was put on) and it still looks great. It hasn't faded and the only damage is on the hood where the gelcoat cracked slighty after being hit pretty hard. I just treat it like a boat. All you have to do is wax it once or twice a year (wash the mud off first). IF it starts to fade you can buy a wax that will clean the oxidation (what makes the gel coat appear faded) right off and it looks new. I have also found that mud acts as a sun block for the fiber glass and it gets more points on the Jeep rating scale.

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7
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I really like mine, and with a coat of wax it looks fantastic. Also - went on a "brushy" trail Saturday. The painted guys, and my original metal hard doors (painted) scratched quite a bit, but my gel-coat did not. Not one scratch.

Phil Baird 83 CJ7
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