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fellow jeeper died yesterday

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i read an article in the paper this morning about a guy who flipped his wrangler at the local mud pits. he was going down a hill with his 2 friends in his jeep when it rolled over on its side. the guy who was guiding them down the hill immediately went to some nearby apartments while the driver was pinned underneath the jeep. the people in the apartment called 911 and the police and paramedics came to the scene. they were taken to the overturned jeep by a guy with a "four-wheel-drive Ford." the driver of the jeep was pronounced dead at the scene while the other 2 were taken to the hospital to treat their injuries. they didnt say how bad the injuries were, but im led to believe they were pretty severe. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but i hope this story makes you guys a little more careful out on the trails.

It's not a CAR, it's not a TRUCK...its a JEEP-get it right.
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I'm sorry to hear that, my prayers go out to his family and friends.
I do all my four wheelin by my self (except for my Jeep Dog) so I gotta be extra!,extra! careful.

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A lesson is learned, sadly at the loss of another. Its sounds like he wasn't wearing a seat belt and thathe didn't have a full cage.


Jeep...need I say more?
I saw the pics on the news. The jeep had a full cage, and ended up on it's side. The hill they were trying to climb is supposed to be 70 degrees. The police didn't say if there was alcohol involved, but I would tend to believe it was. They were wheelin' at night, and alone. NOT a good combination. The place where they were is a local sand pit, I've been there a lot (and maybe even the same hill). But it changes so quick, that I'd hate to try to do it at night.

Just the same, it's a shame somebody died trying to enjoy a jeep.

Well, sadly they were in a closed to the public place. The area was closed due to another accident(a dirt bike). We have been trying to ask the owners to let us help police/clean up the area. After this accident, I'm sure that they won't answer our calls.
Here is a pic of the place where the accident occured.
<img src=>
Hope the others are ok..

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yeah, about 2 months ago an 8 year old on a dirtbike broke his back when he got sideswiped by another bike. since then the police have been monitoring the area. i went there about a 5-6 weeks ago and we had some fun wheelin around but then some guy told us we were trespassing and said we had to leave. and now that this has happened, i dont know if anybody will ever be allowed out there again. but then again theres not much anybody can do, u can block off certain trails but people will always find ways to get around them and somehow they always find ways to get hurt too.

It's not a CAR, it's not a TRUCK...its a JEEP-get it right.
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