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i had a bracket brake on my 1983 cj7 (inline 6) which let the radiator move and hit the fan. i bought a new radiator and figured the problem was solved because the brackets were not broken on the new radiator (obviously). after driving around town for about a month i heard a noise. upon inspection i saw that the fan had once again hit the radiator. not very bad, but enough to worrie me. i found that a transmission mount was missing on the transmission cross member. i bought a new mount and once again asumed that the problem was fixed. it was fine driving around town, but when i tried to do a hill climb the piece of S#@T hit the fan again. i did a spring over on my jeep and used wrangler springs. my only thought is that i need a beefier crossmember (i can move the transfer case up and down about a half-inch while under the jeep) or i need traction bars to keep spring wrap from occuring as much. any thoughts on the subject would be greatly app.
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i experienced the same problem on my tj-7 prodject..when i would really get on it, the fan blades hit the fan...actually.... just one fan blade.. i have a clutched fan and i just bent the blades out of the way for a temp. trail fix...but when i stepped on it again, the blades straightened out and that same blade hit again...i am going to mount the radiator a bit further back, since everything is home made anyway.. an ols trick with the straight 6 is to chain the engine down so it won't torque over when you hit the gas.. might be something to look at

it's sort of still a cj thingy....

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did you check your motor mounts?
that could do it.
radiators can get expensive!
doesn't seem like the transfer case should move.

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