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was wondering if this would be a fair trade
i have a 1month old weber carb for a 89 yj 4.2 runs great
but im going to a 4.0
but im looking for a winch at least 5000lbs
would that be a fair trade?

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Good luck finding some one that would want to trade a winch for a carb. If you consider the new value of a weber $300 (just a guess) vs. the value of a new decent winch is atleast $500. To me it doesn't seem like many people would bite on that deal since i'm guessing a lot of people with winches know webers arn't the best jeep carbs. Also stay away from cheep winches, i had a harbor frieght and had nothing but issues. Sell the weber, take all the change hiding under you couch coushins and go buy your self a decent winch.


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thanks for the info i saw a chigago electric winch for 299 but i guess ill get a warn then
ya the carb was 600 canadian that works out to be about 450 american i think
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