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This is a newbie question for sure. I am looking at the new 2000 TJ's and need your advice on what options to get. First off it will be on the pavement 80% of the
time and off road 20% at most. A good portion of the off road time will be be pulling an Aliner folding trailer. After camp is setup I want to do some exploring, but
nothing close to the Rubicon (sp?) At least that is what I say now. Anyway, I am looking for advice on what factory options I should go for. I do know that I want
the 6 cyl w/ auto trans, beyond that I have no idea. All I know is that I will not be able to make any modifications to it until it is paid in full.

Thank You in Advance for All Your Help,


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From my experience, wish I'd gotten a hard top.

Other good ideas:
trac-loc in the rear diff... a Dana 44, if you can still find one.
Maybe AC, but it will suck up power....
Stay away from the pink ones, though... /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

I'd rather be...
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I would ask for a supercharger. hahahaha lol. At lease 31" tires and 16" rims a must (you'll see later).

Nycjeep :)


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Soft top, full hard doors (I don't do it half-a$$ed, either full doors or none at all, mirror relocation brackets are $20), 30" tire package, D44 if possible, otherwise make sure that you get the 3.73 gears and Trac-Lok, 4.0l engine. A/C would be useful if it rains where you camp.

I pull a 4'x6' utility trailer once or twice a month, not only on the highway but also off-road (I'm a Scoutmaster). The 4.0 with 5-speed, 3.73 gears, and factory 30x9.50 tires makes a good towing package. The 30" tire package includes high-pressure gas shocks, which help with handling. I have the Trac-Lok, and it has been good enough for 37k miles, even when pulling the trailer in slippery conditions (like an old lake bed). I also made sure that I got A/C for when we break camp in the rain. The 4.0 has plenty of power to run the A/C and pull the trailer at 70 mph :cool: The only thing that I wish we'd been able to get is the D44 axle. The 16" wheels sound interesting, because I'd like to run the LT-metric equivalent of a 31x9.50 tire. I want it to be a little taller, but no wider. I need to preserve my turning radius for maneuvering my trailer on tight fire trails.



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I was looking on trading in my YJ, for a while, on a new TJ.
Here is what I would have gotten.

Dana 44: But it is only available with the manual transmission. That is not entirely bad. If you are pulling a very heavy load you can stay in forth gear and have alot of power to pull with. the auto would most likely overheat under a heavy load and alot of hwy driving.

Depending on the crime situation where you live and drive would make a difference on the top that you would purchase.
High crime area get the hard top and full doors. It is just as safe as a regular car.
Low crime get the soft top and half doors. There is nothing like dropping the top, taking off the upper door halfs and cruising down the highway (or offroad).
There are 2 reasons I say get the half doors. One, is once you take off your doors you are illegal because you no longer have and outside mirror. Two, after taking off the door you have to pull a fuse so that you don't have the alarm buzzer going off and the interrior lights staying on.
The full doors just aren't the same when you roll the windows down as when you have the half doors.

A/C: Get it! It helps. Even with just the bikini top in and sitting in traffic you can turn it on and turn the vents to hit you in the face and it helps to fight the heat.

Tires: The 30" comes with the Dana 44 Package. You can get some 31" and fit those under your jeep.

Also get a Sahara, the flares are a little wider. That way you can wait longer on getting a set of extended flares.

Because once you get into jeeps and the bug bites you:


Kiley /wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif
Alittle better than stock.
And now with a future Jeeper on the way.
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