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Fabtech or RCD 6\" on \'01 Z71

i own a 2001 chevy Z71, im looking for a lift right now and im stuck between the RCD 6" and the FABTECH 6", i wanna know which is the better all around lift...

could everyone help me out?? wut do u think?

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Re: Fabtech or RCD 6\" on \'01 Z71

No experiance with RCD, but when I worked at 4WP performance center before I moved, Fabtech was nothing but problems, I dont think we had 1 align into specs, with cross readings being off also. Of the kits I installed Skyjacker and Rancho kits were the better ones. SO between your 2 dont I cant say pick RCD, but I will say dont get fabtech.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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