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I'm looking into extended shock towers for my 78 cj-7. Does anyone have experience with the M.O.R.E or 4-Plus kits or any others?

78 CJ-7/401/TH400/Quadratrac/35" BFG AT'S

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Go to the junk yard and look for your towers there.......probably way cheaper!

The later CJs ('82 or '83 and up) had taller, bolt on towers that will fit right next to your old ones, or you can remove the old ones. FSJs had the same tower, and some even had a dual shock version. If you can't find any of those, try Ford trucks.

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20 degree RTI 1250

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I went to a junk yard and got the towers off a Wagoneer
they are the same as the later model CJ towers and easer to find
I also welded an extention on the bottom to run a little longer shock
and it worked perfect
this was on my 79CJ7


Hey mister whatca buildin?
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