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Extended RUBBER brake lines..where??

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I am looking to get some extended rubber brake lines for my YJ, I am doing a SOA. Anyone got any ideas?? I know that everyone has extended stainless steel lines but I would rather have rubber..I heard I can use lines off of a F150, any truth to that??


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I don't know of any rubber lines that will work with your YJ. If your local NAPA guys will let you, they will have a book that will have the specs on your existing lines and other vehicles. Look up what you have now and find some lines with the same fittings which are longer. I know that half-ton Chevy pickup lines will work on CJ's, so maybe that would be a place to start. Hopeflully someone else will know an exact fit for you, but if not you might try this.

Go to a NAPA and ask to look in their brake book, most will let you do that. Thats where I got all my extended brake lines for my wrangler. As long as the bolt is the same size that bolts to your caliper, and its the same size on the end that hooks to your steel brake line it will work. Configuration of the line, wheither its a sq block or a round banjo style it makes no diff as long as it has room to bolt on and the bolt hole is the same. Steve

I used lines for a 1974 Blazer, they are 3 inches longer than the stock lines.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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