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My sister is looking at buying either a 97 Explorer 4.0 or a 97 Toyota 4runner 3.4. It is more for daily driving, but she does live in Denver and ski and play in the mountains. Just not a hardcore 4wheeler. Does any one have any fact-based opinions on either? I don't want bashing, just some solid info. Thanks


I am a hard core ford truck guy, and have owned other brands. I also had same question, talked to several owners of each. In the end, it won't make much difference which make. My advice would be go Toyota if you are buying used, and not into doing your own maintenance.
At that age, the toys reliability should be better, smaller repair bills. Seems like there are a lot of explorers on market compared to toys
making the price cheaper.

Have also found many disgrunteld explorer owners, even if they do not break. The rigs are not up to expectation for
moderate off-roading and they need something with more capability - typically a full size truck.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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