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Explorer Upgrades

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I own a '93 Explorer, 4dr, 4x4, manual transmission, with 6cyl. 4.0L engine with 105K on it. I have had it for about a year and a half. For my first vehicle it does everything I ask... it could just do it better always I suppose! I realize if I wanted to go fast and have a racecar the last thing I would want is a big SUV... but I'm in need of some performance upgrades to help me get a little better gas mileage. I change my oil, flush radiator, injector cleaner, and put a K&N air filter in today (we'll see how it works) on a recommended basis and I would venture to say I drive safe and don't abuse the accelerator at all. Drive on average 50/50 Hw/Cty. My problem is though that I’m getting around or less than 200 miles to a full gas tank. Which comes to somewhere around 10 mpg some weeks!! At best I get 240 on a full tank on a long trip or something! I really need some tips from real people instead of reading packaging or company ploys on what will actually get some better numbers here. And at the same time, spending $400 to save $3 dollars a week isn't what I'm looking to do either if you know what I mean! I would desperately appreciate any advice you could give!thanks!
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A Tornado would probably help a lot. It goes into your stock intake. You see them used a lot on Hot Rod shows lately. I don't their website but I'm sure if you check around on the web you'll find it.
what tires, tire pressures, and gears are you running?

a lot of guys dont seem to realize that running big muds @ low pressure increases the rolling resistance ( drag) a ridiculous great for traction, but not mileage. Ditto for gearing - if you're rpms are out of the powerband a lot, and / or you're trying to make up for bigger tires with brute force, mileage will be terrible.

other common 'mileage boo'boos', including high speed driving with safari racks on top ( or a pod carrier), and weight gain from off-road bumpers, nerfs, winches, etc. ( add enough toys, and you might as well be towing all the time...but its easy to forget that the extra weight adds up to $$$ at the gas pump) On the repair sdie - what shape are your O2 sensors in? if they're not working right, your mixture can be off, and both power, and mileage will suffer.

yes o2 sensors can kill your performance big time. My 91 with a 4.0 one went out and it ran horrible i got like 8-12 MPG had didly power. Although it was a 91 with 218,000 miles. 2nd motor, 2nd tranny, 2nd set of 4x4 hubs But my dad got rid of it...i miss it actaully.


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