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Explorer catalytic converters???

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A friend of mine has a 96 4wd v6 exploder... It's failing emissions, so he took it to a shop, and they said $700 to fix it. I was like WTF??? Sounds pricey to replace a catalytic converter. Then he tells me his truck has 2 cats. There has to be a cheaper/easier way of changing them. Can't he just get two universal cats from Pep Boys or wherever and have them put in?? Any advice is appreciated.
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yes. and the universal ones are like $100 or $150 if i remember right. one might even do the job. efi motors are designed to run clean without cats. my buddy's jeep has no cat and passes.

did they say it was just the cats, or what the $700 was for?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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