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Experience.....there is just no replacement

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I just wanted to share a few thoughts with this board....I am in the process of doing an axle swap(many of u know that if you follow the board) and I have to admit even though I spent several months doing research and finally picked up some axles, I really thought that I knew what I was doing. Well I was COMPLETELY wrong!!! I have come to this board MANY times with things I have been stuck on and everyone has helped me out(THANKS!!) Even though I am nowhere near done with the swap I have already learned more than I could have imagined....and yeah I probably could have bought custom axles(well actually I couldn't too darn expensive) and bolted them in it just isn't the for all you people out there new to jeeps.....there is just one thing I got to say......if you are thinking about a project and it is too expensive, you don't have the resources(hell my axles are in my bedroom in my apt with cardboard underneath them), and you have no idea what you are doing, Congratulations and welcome to Jeep ownership!!! Be prepared to spend tons of money and not understand why you are doing for my axle swap..I am documenting it step by step and will have full write up sometime toward the end of January!!

One more thing(sorry I know this is long) tomorrow I am putting in a 2" lift kit on my buddy's TJ...any troubles we should look for?? Never worked on a TJ before but I am looking forward to the experience!!

Oh and Sunday going on a trail ride...anyone in the Rochester, Syracuse, or Buffalo area of NY interested in going?

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I'd like to wish you GOOD LUCK in all your endeavors.

We had a discussion about a week ago concerning experience and "book" knowledge.
You really do need both to be good at what you're doing. You are right when you said that there is no substitute for experience. "Book" knowledge gives you a frame of reference from which to start and serves as a guide during the getting experience process. Did I use the word process? That's exactly what this is.... We all live and learn! /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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