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Exhaust manifold to pipe bolts (PIX ADDED 12/22)

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It's 12/22 and I have added relevant stuff at the end of this post. read the whole topic and look at the pictures.
(Written 12/12)--This week, when we were R&R'ing the clutch, we sure felt lucky to get out the two bolts that fasten the exhaust pipe to the manifold. We put the old bolts back in because we hadn't thought far enough in advance to have new replacements for them. They sure seem like odds-on candidates to snap off next time around. So the question is: what do you think the absolute BEST replacement bolt would be for this application? Also, please include the size, length and thread for this metric-challenged guy.


PS--I didn't do a search before posting this topic--30 lashes with a greasy shop towel!
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Re: The bolt

Just a thought why not use a 3/8" bolt that is a little longer and will fit through the threaded part of the flange and still use the spring on the 3/8 bolt with flat washers and NOT worry if you strip out the treads on the flange part of the exhaust manifold .?

Just a regular bolt,2 flat washers,1 lock washer,1 nut.

The reason I say this is when I changed the lead gasket that goes there I broke a bolt off in the manifold(the same one you are showing)
NOW I had to remove the whole exhaust manifold and tap and drill the broken bolt out..Put Neverseize on the bolts when I put them back together and STILL broke the other bolt next time I worked on the exhaust system....Why fight that again drilled out the broken bolt and just used a longer bolt that sticks past the flange and put a lock washer and nut on it. Now if it bolt brakes so what I don't have to drill or tap AGAIN
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