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I am sorry if this subject has already been posted before, but I am new to the BBS and could not find a post on it through searching.

I have a 1974 CJ5 with the 304 V8. I want to upgrade to headers and dual exhaust and want to maximize performance by a short exhaust system behind the headers with minimal back pressure (at least as minimal as legal in Massachusetts - since it is pre-1985, I don't have to pass emissions tests). I have found the Hedman Headers in the Four Wheel Drive catalog and I am looking for input from anyone who is experienced on this subject. Here are my questions:
1) Are the Hedman Headers the best choice? Are there other manufacturers?
2) Is a ceramic coating worth the money (close to 3 times the price)?
3) Are header mufflers (as in the catalog) the best choice for best performance?
4) What is the better choice - in-frame or fenderwell headers?
5) For Fenderwell headers:
a) Do you need to modify the inner fender walls for them to fit?
b) Can you have fenderwell headers with header mufflers and also have nerf
bars? If so, is the exhaust below the nerf bars or above? Are there any
recommendations for side protection other than nerf bars which would
protect the body and the exhaust system if using fenderwell headers and
exhaust mufflers?
6) Can you use exhaust mufflers on in-frame headers (after glancing at my
buddies CJ7 with in-frame headers and where they would end in relation to
my transfer case, it looks like the drivers side exhaust muffler might fit
next to the transfer case, but not the passengers side.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Whew! You got a fist full of questions. I'm running heddman hedders on my 258. They're the 3 into 1 setup and dual exhaust. I really am pleased with the setup. Obviously with the I6, it is an in frame design. This would definately be my preference. I do wheel with someone who runs the fenderwell type on his 360. On more than one occasion I have seen him pull a muffler off on a rock. Though a quick and easy fix, it is somewhat of an inconvenience. The fenderwell design would lend itself to the quickest and easiest exit of your exhaust though, as you basically just bolt up the muffler and turn the extension out right in front of the rear tires. Hell, if you aim the exhaust tips just right, might even help heat up your tires for that extra Stick. LOL!!
Not sure about the style mufflers needed for the in frame exhaust on the V8's. Like you point out, while there's plenty of room on the drivers side, (I run two turbo mufflers between the frame and T-case. protected by skid plate) there is no room on the pass. side.

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I believe I'm running hooker headers in the fenderwells on my '77 5. I say I believe cuz I got them in direct trade for the stock cast iron manifolds. I have glass paks with turnouts just bellow the doors, so its got a good sound and works very well off road. I painted them with the super hi temp paint, and its done very well... There was some modifications nessecary and some trimming needed to the flat behind the inner fender wells, but nothing really big. I can't run nerf bars, but I do have flat plate steps with support coming from under the tub... don't think they would stand up well against rocks, but they do great to help the GF and friends kids in and out...

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