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exhaust for my 80 CJ%

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Does anyone know who sells a complete exhaust system for a 1980 CJ-5 w/ a cat. Any private companies, websites, or national venders to contact. I need the whole thing from the manifold back.

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I bought my cat from 4WD, the muffler from Auto Barn and the tailpipe from I don't remember. Check out, JCWhitney, Quadratec, West, Don-A-Vee, etc.

Good luck.

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Just run a set of headers with purple hornnie glass paks and turn outs on your cj thats the set up on mine sounds good works great was cheep to do and will last a long time good in mud or rock.You can get the entire set up frm jegs for around $200.00

There are three things I don't do myself on my Jeep.
a) front end alignment - I don't have the equipment
b) ring & pinion work - never done it, don't know how to set it up properly (gonna learn though)
c) exhaust system - just too cheap to have somebody else do it, besides it's guaranteed forever

My jeep has been to the muffler shop about four times in the 12 1/2 years I've owned it. I paid twice,
once for the original system (left side) and once for the new half of the dual exhaust (right side) when I
put in the V8. There is a maximum $20 charge each time I take it back, no matter how much they have
do. It's worked out pretty cheap in the long run. Pick a good shop that's been in business for a long
time. Personally, I don't do Midas, they charge too much on the warranty work.

/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif The last exhaust job I had done was by Midas, on my 3/4 ton 454 suburban. The FIRST THING that the exhaustpunk DID was cut a factory expansion bracket because he was too lazy to unbolt it. THEN, every bend he made in the 2-1/2" pipe was flatter than a pancake; THEN the whole system was too close to the extra fuel tank. When I went up to pay for it, the mgr smiled and asked:"Well, how IS the job?" I replied that I couldn't WAIT to get it home and cut everything off and do it over. "WHAT????" he replied..."We'll have so-and-so do it over for free!" What for? I asked, he has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what he's doing! Here's your ninety bucks...I'm outa here! The mgr just [censored] a brick, and begged me to stay and that HE would re-do the job. It was 4:30 on Christmas eve. So...that is what he did instead of assembling his kid's Christmas present. It took the two of us about an hour to make all new stuff. THAT was the LAST time I made the mistake of thinking that these ham-and-eggers out there are better than I am with a torch. I was building headers before most of those punks were born./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif By the way....I never TOUCH brakes if I can help[ it....I just don't like brake work./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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Yeah, I didn't go into it all but I took a car to Midas ONCE. Not as bad as your trip but still one I didn't
want to repeat. I use a local shop that's been in business for years. Only did mufflers but now they got
a tow truck and do that well too, even helped me push the Jeep the rest of the way in the carport by

CJDave, you should convert to 4 wheel disc brakes. Most satisfying thing I ever did was throw out the
drums. I hated all those springs and keepers.

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