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ex 400 gear ratio changes

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I have 2 2000 ex 400's and they are truly a awesome all around quad. My ?? is, I went to silver lake sand dunes in west michigan over the weekend, and with my paddles installed the machines seem a little lacking in high gear power as compared to the performance with stock tires on the trails. Is this "the way it is" when in the sand, or do most people change the gear for the paddles? I have dune runners on them , they are a little taller then stock, and maybe this will change overall gear ratio. It sure wasnt a problem with 1st thru 3rd gear! I could sit at the bottom of the first hill( if youve been there before) and run right to the top almost effortlessly. GOBS of low end grunt!! Please help me out with these ??'s i have.

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hey man I see no one else hase helped you out so ill give some tips.
the stoch 400 lack top end power because of a restrictive exhaust system and air intake system.
solotion get a White Brothers exhast of FMF PowerCore 4 A K&N air filter and add extra holes to your air box where ever posiable, rejet your carborator it need a # 152 main jet an # 40 pilot jet and may or may not need to rais the needle 1 clip position, it is some teadious work so take yout time and get it rite and you Will be pleased.

any questions write me At [email protected]

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