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I need to install a 727 into my CJ and figured why not rebuild it while I'm at it. Normally I let the trani shops do the rebuilds on the automatics. To save $$ and keep the wife happy I would like to do the rebuild myself. After reviewing the manual for the 727 rebuild, it appears it is not too complicated a job - just keep the parts order correct, set the bands, and keep everything clean. I know how to set the downshift linkage well - learned the hard way.

Unfortunately, manual often make hard jobs look simple. Anyone who rebuild a TF have any advice or pointers to share? Thanks.
-Drew M.


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its easy and doesnt require any strange tools as long as the bushings are good.
it requires either a special tool or some ingenuity to R&R the clutch packs ( LOTS of spring pressure)

measure the endplay before you take it apart. input shaft, and output shaft-despite the book you can do this accurately enough with verniers and a straightedge
hopefulyl you wont need the selective thickness thrust washers. ( usually not)

the manual will tell you how to set low/reverse band
BUT you should
talk to a profesional about adjusting the rear band, sometimes if you follow hte manual it might not really have enough running clearance and can glaze the lining, meaning NO reverse.

Call Dana at PRO-Built transmissions in California, sorry i dont have a ph #, but they have a website. he has good parts,good prices, and really good advice
youll want a differnt ratio front band apply arm, he will explain all fo this to you

go ahead and relocate the breather vent while your in there.
Its easy.

email me if you have any questions, or want to know how to move the vent

have a shop redo your converter, and flush your cooler and lines out before you reinstall.

when taking hte front pump apart. mark the gear so it goes back into the cavity the same way ( I dont remember if the service manual says to do this or not)

hope it helps!

77 CJ5, in a bunch of sanded and primered pieces
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