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After going through a hellish episode with my brakes. I had
to have my local 4X4 shop finish up the work. While he was
bringing it to the gas station to put some fuel in it for me
before I was going to pick it up he noticed a problem. The
engine started to knock! He thinks it could be a rod and
suggested that I have it towed to a shop that will look at
it. Say they can pull the oil pan and it is fixable, how
large of a job is this?

At this point, I am going to have them do the work but
should I be worried that there could be other internal



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Check other things first. I wouldn't think this would just start without warning. How about distributor advance line ? and timing? Lose spark plug causing blow by? Just check it out before you get into big money.


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Didn't even think about that. Monkeying around with swapping
out the master cylinder, a wire could have been knocked



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Maybe I'm mistaken but it sounds like YOUR shop took the truck to the gas station without you being there. Do you think this guy was testing the limits of your engine? If a shop did that with my vehicle, I'd be putting the blame on them. I cringe when I go to pick up my GTP or the Typhoon from a specialized shop (ie- Dent Doctors) and the guy says, "Wow! That vehicle is fast!". /wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif

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Shawn. Please tell me you really don't let your trucks go to people like that.I had a monster tach in my blazer with a memory button.I dropped it off to have the oil changed and the tires R&B'd.when I picked it up I hit the button outta curiosity. It Read 7000!!! Needless to say the manager required hearing aids when I was done saying my mind.

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OK... I guess it comes down to trust and details on the motor. How many miles on it? I have seen a few vehicles come in w/ knocks after semi-hard use at another auto shop. A knock rarely starts just out of the blue... at least a real hard knock. I would take it to another shop and tell them the story. Have them check it out. You can drop the pan and do the bearings, not a big deal on a hoist. I would definetly have them save the bearings. These will tell the tale of how the knock started. If the motor has over 120K you probably won't have much luck in blaming the shop, but if you know and trust this shop well I would just get it fixed and not try to blame them. You may loose a very good mechanic shop by blaming them when they didn't do a thing. You just don't know.

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When I got my K5 inspected the other day, the guy has to drive it around the block for the safety inspection...I was stanind in front of the gas station, once he goes around the corner, I heard him gettin' on it...I dropped it off one time for something a long time ago, checked the mileage before I lft, and whe ni picked it up it had 9 more miles...quite a road test...

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