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Obama Ultimatum, EPA Proposed CO2 Rules, Wall Street Journal Editorial

-----EPA issues new draft CO2 regulations. You must send comments before
November 28th.

Deadline - November 28th. This is huge. Send your comments early to make
sure there is no mix-up.

-----Read the Wall Street Journal Editorial below about the Obama Ultimatum
and the CO2 draft regulations.

We've made it easy for you to send comments. Here is a website
(How You Can Help Stop the EPA from Enforcing Global Warming Regulation | The Heritage Foundation) that the Heritage Foundation set up to allow you
to provide comments on the proposed EPA Clean Air Act regulations for carbon
dioxide. You must send them before November 28th.

Please don't get distracted. These may be the most important comments you
have ever sent.

-----These rules are a disaster for the economy of the United States.

-----They are bigger and more damaging than the Endangered Species Act.

-----Action Items

-----1. You must read the Wall Street Journal Editorial below "The Obama

-----2. Read this e-mail carefully.

-----3. Please forward this message as widely as possible. We cannot
stress this strongly enough. You can help reach millions of people if you
forward this message to your entire list.

-----4. Send Comments Now -- How You Can Help Stop the EPA from Enforcing Global Warming Regulation | The Heritage Foundation is a website the
Heritage Foundation set up to allow you to submit comments to the EPA
regarding its proposed Clean Air Act regulations for carbon dioxide (CO2).
It only takes about a minute - literally - and submitting your comments
would be a huge help in opposing this attempt by EPA to usurp control over
the economy and trash it.

-----5. Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) is selling you out in the Senate on the
Omnibus Federal Lands bill. See instructions for action on the Omnibus
Federal Lands Bill and Senator Crapo below the Wall Street Journal

-----Why Stop The New EPA CO2 Regulations?

-----Here's some of the frightening stuff that could materialize if EPA's
C02 regulations materialize .

-----A. It will touch and regulate you and everyone you know.

-----B. The Heritage Foundation estimates it would cost about 6.9 trillion
dollars in lost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2029.

-----C. Heritage has also calculated that it would result in over 800,000
lost jobs.

-----D. The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that it would trigger perhaps
over 1,000,000 new permits under the Clean Air Act.

This is not just about truck and car tailpipes .

EPA's proposed CO2 regulations touch virtually everything .

EPA contemplates controlling lawn mower and airplane emissions alike. For
lawn mowers they are considering either requiring the switch from a
two-stroke to a four-stroke engine or, just setting some standard like so
many grass clippings per gallon of gas.

For aviation they consider everything from altering the weight and
aerodynamic surface of planes to engine design and flight patterns.

But it's not just transportation. The US Chamber estimates that perhaps one
million buildings could be trapped as stationary sources of CO2. That means
a lot more than factories and power plants . half of the nations' hotels and
motels . one in ten houses of worship . two out of three health care
facilities .one in four educational facilities (schools . universities) .

Nor is it just buildings. According to analysis by the Department of
Agriculture EPA's proposal to regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act could
have a huge effect upon rural America. Depending on which Clean Air Act
sections are triggered and how they are interpreted farmers and ranchers
could find themselves needing Clean Air Act permits by having as few as 25
dairy cows . 50 head of beef cattle . or 500 acres of corn.

The Mississippi Farm Bureau calculated that just going through the permit
process . just the permits . would cost Mississippi rice farmers nine
million dollars. That's $9,000,000 just for Mississippi rice farmers.

And it's the same for others . chickens. hogs . sheep . orchards . etc. as
well as obviously all sorts of heavy machinery . tractors and construction
equipment that effects mining . forestry . commercial fishing . shipping
(planes, ships, trains and trucks) . oil and gas exploration . you name it.

And it's not just businesses . think recreational vehicles. EPA discusses
not only enforcing the four-stroke engine requirement on lawnmowers but also
dirt bikes. No recreational vehicles - snowmobiles, jet skies, powerboats -
would be immune.

Obviously this massive regulatory grab would increase the cost of all sorts
of energy dramatically. It could vastly increase gasoline prices and also
could raise electricity rates sharply. It would affect the price of energy
so it would affect everyone - especially the poor as increasing energy costs
is like instituting a regressive tax.

-----This is perhaps the most far-reaching attempt to grab power through
regulation ever and that is saying a lot.

If you doubt it, go to EPA's website where you can download the
"Announcement of Proposed Rules". It is hundreds of pages long. When it's
added to all the supporting documents EPA's handiwork totals over 18,000
pages - a stack over six feet tall.

Think about the cost of this thing - it would eat up the equivalent of
nearly ten times the cost of the "bailout" legislation in lost GDP. Just who
wanted this kind of junk?

Interestingly, in its proposed regulations EPA discusses the possibility of
instituting "cap & trade" regulations for CO2. You may not know this but two
of the biggest businesses pushing for "cap & trade" of CO2 were none other
than AIG and Lehman Brothers. Pretty amazing!

Public comments make a big difference on proposed regulations. That's why
the left submits thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands on all kinds of

-----Those who support limited government, individual liberty and prosperity
need to do the same. The Heritage Foundation has made it easy for you to do
so. You can send a regulatory comment to the EPA by just clicking the site
and putting in a little bit of information. Try to personalize your message
if you can. It will get more attention paid to it.

You can do it in literally about minute and time is running out to be heard
and counted. If you're not willing to do it then you really shouldn't
complain if these regulations go into effect.

This system allows you to write your own comments so you can personalize
them. You should take the time to do so.

Chuck Cushman
American Land Rights Association
(360) 687-3087
[email protected]
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