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Entertaining thoughts on selling my 258/T-5/300 combo

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I was wondering what someone would give for a 258 with a Howell kit, a T-5 in need of a rebuild, and a Dana 300 that is on perfect shape? I am swapping it for a Vortec in a few months.

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well i wouldnt give you more than the howell kit for the 258.. and the t-5 is worthless if its needing a rebuild.. and the 300 about 150 is cool.. just my thoughts.. i would say i wouldnt pay more than.. a grand.. but that is me and i am cheap.. i can get a v-8.. combo for about that.. used junkyard .. about the same. like i said i am cheap... haha.. total walmart goo-roo here..

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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