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Hey, my name is Matt Lunze and I am a college student in Virginia. I own a 95 Jeep Wrangler totally stock with the four. It has 167 thousand miles on it and is getting ready to go. I was wondering about engine swaps. What engine would be best to put in? I was thinking about putting a chevy 327 in it. What is the best thing to do? What else will I have to change? Thanks for your help.


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Numero Uno, check the smog laws in your state. In my home state, it's against the law to replace a motor with one that wasn't a stock option - even if the replacement emits fewer pollutants than the original! In most states, you have to run an engine at LEAST as new as the original & it must emit the same or fewer pollutants in order for the swap to be legal - if thats the case, a 327 (a motor - er, engine/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif - discontinued 30 years ago) would automatically be a no-go.


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Go to my home page if you want to see some info on my setup.

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I am about 8 weeks away from doing my engine swap. My best advice is to contact Advance Adaptors and have them send you their buyers giude (free) and their Jeep engine swap manual. From these you will get a good idea what is involved. But I am sure you will still have a ton of questions. If you post the question, usually someone here will awnser it. Also do a little web surfing and find some good web sites that cover what you are planning. Pretty much it seems you have to decide what engine you want to use, and the type of tranny , either auto or manual, but from there, you can go anywhere. Just to give you an idea of what I am planning to is:
95 or newer small block chevy 350
Dodge NV4500, 5 speed manual transmission
Dodge NP241 transfercase or change the input shaft to my NP231 (21 spline )
from there the rest is just details.
Keep an eye out for my post, as I get closer and even start the project I will make updates, and ask plenty of questions.

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