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What is required to put a 4.0 into a 1983 CJ-7 automatic? I'm finally ready to spend the money, I just need to know how much stuff to buy.



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well with the torque flite tranny there no real need to upgrade that so it would be a straight engine swap. the motor mounts and tranny bolt patterns are the same. you'd just need to get a wire harness and computer for the 4.0, i believe you can buy them premade for a swap into a cj. I want to say painless wiring, but i'm not sure on that. you'll also have to redo your exhaust b/c the cj exits on the drivers side and the wrangler on the pass (to keep away from the gas cap area)

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Are you buying a new or used motor. You will have to have a harness and the 4.0 computer. If you are going used, I would make sure it is a
93 and later model so you will have fuel injection. If you arent after the fuel injection, have you considered a 304? You will have exhaust problems
no matter the route you take. I looked into both and wound up with a 304, I figured money would be about the same and this way I had a V8.
I just did my swap and total cost were.
1. Motor-$475
2. Radiator upgrade- $130
3. New true dual exhaust w/ two new catalytic converters and glass packs. $310
4. Edelbrock 1406 carb and chrome air cleaner(christmas) $260
5. Passenger side motor mount and accessory brackets $75
6. Pilot bearing, new clutch pressure plate, new plug wires, new plugs, radiator hoses, belts, -130
7.Man I wish I hadn't added this stuff all up!
Anyway, this is a list of alot of the little stuff you are going to have to get that you dont really think of. Granted, I did go with expensive stuff, but I wanted to do it right the first time. Just make sure when you buy the motor, you get all the brackets and harness stuff. The little stuff really adds up as you can see.

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