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loss of power

hi just wanted to tell you i had a problem just like yours on my 81 jeep cj8 scrambler with sb chevy motor and eb 600 preformer carb..... really had several problems that casued motor to run bad and too rich...... would allways start but sometimes seemed ok for short time or if you shut off and restarted then would miss and run rough.........anyway it turned out to be vac leaks around the intake and base of the carb........... I would first make sure all intake bolts are tight...... you can use reg carb clearner,,,,,, just be carefull and have fire ex handly if you would start a motor fire......if your careful you should be ok...... the motor will speed up if you have a vac leak and when you spray the intake you will see big change in the motor same thing on and around the base of the carb......if that still does not make a difference...... take out both of the idle adj for both sides of the eb carb and blow them out with comspressed air....... these carbs are great but just a little crap in the fuel line will cause big problems ........when i got the vac leaks fixed and changed out the fuel filter then with the air bleu out the carb a couple of times all the problems went away and it is running great again......hope this more thing...... eb ships all their carbs out on the rich side with the size of step rods springs and jets in their carbs.......... they are set up more for hot rods then a good smooth running motor......... if you rejet down a couple of sizes the carb with run better burn less fuel and you wont even feel any loss in power///// in fact you will have a quicker response and better runing motor except maybe on the very top end ....... and that would be way over 5,000 rpm which is not what we use our motors for or at in the jeeps anyway........
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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