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I'm looking at buying an 87 YJ that i've been told has had a '91 cherokee 4L put in. How can i check to make sure that it is in fact a '91 4L? I'm not very good with engines, and telling what they are by looks. As well how does a good '91 4L sound and feel when running? i checked out an older 90's cherokee awhile back, and its engine ran similar to this YJ's, but both kind of had a slight sputter when giving it a good amount of gas from a stop. They just weren't as smooth as i expected. Is this common for these engines? or have i come across 2 similar engines not functioning properly? Any info is much appreciated!


well basicly just check the number of spark plugs to make sure it has 6 and make sure its got fuel injectors and no carbarator on it, other than that its gotta be 4.0L unless someone put the MPI kit on a 4.2, eitherway as long as it runs good and doesn't leak and stuff the usual id say it would be.

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