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Problem: 190+K Engine with a knock, burns oil, leaks oil, #4 plug always fouled. My gearing/tire combo puts this engine at 3000rpm @ 60mph, so highway trips are limited with this tired old thing.

I have the 351HO 4bbl in my truck and a 351 2vv in an 84 LTD cop car. The LTD is going to the scrap yard after I pull the motor and tranny. I plan to rebuild one of them for the truck. I would like to find a data source for the different factory heads and cams available in the 80's, mostly to have a point of reference. Because of cost I want to stick with the original valve sizes.
After adjusting the second gear band and the vacuum modulator on the C6 I have a new interest in mid-range engine performance.
I'd be interested in advice and comments. I am not hung up on maximum low-end torque because a doubler will follow the engine build. Engine does have to behave at idle and off-idle obviously. Thanks.
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