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I bought a '77 Scout for the axles and it had a 304 with a automatic trans.
the thing that i did not know was that the motor is in good shape and runs
beauty. With a 727 auto trans. Now my cj-7 has a 235 ci. and a t-18 trans
I would like to know if the 304 will bolt up to my bellhousing for I wish to keep the t-18.


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The International 304 is different the Jeep's 304. Not unless you go with adapters its not going to work.

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you would need a scout bellhousing, and a scout t-18 input shaft. the scout bellhousings ive seen are deeper (longer) than the jeep ones. therefore a longer tranny/bellhousing and shorter rear drive shaft (bad). also the scout input shaft might need to be from the same ration tranny as your jeep - im not sure on this but look into it. jamey williams

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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