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Energy Suspension\'s Hyperflex kit?

Anybody know where I can get a hyperflex kit red or black for a 97 Yukon 4x4? I ordered one a month ago from 4wheel parts and it is on back order! They keep telling me next week, next week. I need it NOW! My truck is tore apart still, putting the lift in and I want to change the bushings while I have it apart. Now if somebody knows where I can get part# 318125 today, I will buy and have it shipped overnight, and then tell 4wheel to shove it up their ass! I tried Jegs and Summit no luck, anyone now who else might have one in stock? Thanks!

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Re: Energy Suspension\'s Hyperflex kit?

have you tried the local truck accessory/4x4 shops? maybe some online shops.... 1-800-521-4908 1-800-719-8100 1-800-528-3402 1-800-847-3287 1-800-321-7123 1-800-676-2325 1-800-875-2112

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