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Electronic 4X4 engament?

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My Friends 94 (I think) Explorer wont engage into 4 wheel. You push the button and it dosent light up or engage. Has anyone had this problem before if so what was wrong.
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Now we got it to make a click noise which it didnt make before. It comes from a little black box in the storage campartment on the driver side (where the jack is) but it still does not engage. We still havent pulled the electric motor down and cleaned it that what we will most likly try next unless someone know what this might be. Also the cruise control dose not I dont know if this is tied in or not. Oh also there is a little white button that when you push it in a little red LED comes on. What is this for? Sorry about the long post just wanted to get it all done in one shot.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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