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I have an electrical problem in my 86 CJ7 w/ 258. When I put it in drive and step on the brake my volts drop way down. It is even worse with the lights and or the blower on. I put a new alternator on thinking it was the cause but the volts still drop way down, Battery is good. Could all this be caused by a bad ground or something else?


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I had a similar problem with my 86 XJ Cherokee. The grounding strap fom the fire wall to the engine block frayed due to age and had intermittant contact. All my dashboard electrics were effected including the voltmeter. Sometimes it would be down to 8 volts and all lights on dash dim, fans and wipers slow. However, battery voltage was 14 or 14.5. Found the frayed ground strap replaced it, no more troubles./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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