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Electrial confusion!!

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OK, I'm mounting a CD reciever in my new overhead console and some problems came up as far as wiring goes.

1. Can I get a good 12V from the factory wiring under the dash? One possiblity was to route the hot/ground/temp wires fromt he console to the original wires under the dash. Using larger guage (16-18) from the console to the original wires.

2. Or should I go straight to the original fuse box for all the connections?
I'd being doing this with the appropriate connections and guages.

3. Or should I go for the painless wiring circuit boss? I don't really have the cash for that now, but I'll need it in the future, plus I'm installing a CB at the same time I install this radio.

I've installed radios/cd recievers in vehicals before but never to a differenet locations than the factory spot. Any help would be appriciated!


93 YJ, 4.0L, Tuffy'ized interior
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I recently put a cd reciever in my 74 and ran both the hot wire and the ignition hot wire directly to the fuse box. Odds are you have places to "plug" into the fron of the fuse panel for applications like this. If you aren't sure, get a cheap continuity tester light. You can use it to make sure you get an always hot and ingition only hot line from the fuse box. You can just tap directly into a place where there is an existing fuse, but make sure you tap in on the correct side of the fuse. (the side that is hot and not the side the fuse itself supplies. The ground wire you can just run to any good metal ground near the radio assuming you still have the metal tub. If not, run a wire to the nearest ground location if you have a fiberglass tub. If I was confusing, email with what you didn't get.

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