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edlebrock carb to rich

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I have a 3 year old 600cfm edlebrock carb with offroad needles and springs on a well built 401. The problem is one side of the carb is running too rich and making the exhaust temps to high on it's cylinders. I can't adjust it any lower. The floats and vacum check out ok. The engine is just rebuilt and we can't get it running just right. Any suggustions would be great.
anyone have experience with this

78 CJ-7/401/TH400/Quadratrac/35" BFG AT'S
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If your using the Edlebrock A.K.A. Webber try the following
I've had this problem also. Turns out that my idle was too high and I was trying to overcompensate with the mixture. start from the beginning. COMPLETELY close the valves, all the way. In fact make sure the idle screw isn't even touching the tang. Then set the mixtures two complete turns out. If you have the manual choke you can set it so it opens the valves slightly. Start the jeep, then as you turn off the choke increase the idle screw until you get the correct idle. Then fiddle with the mixtures. You may also want to double check the float level. I also use the off-road needles and I found the the float level needed to be adjusted more than what the book says. After I figured all that out it ran great.
Good luck

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