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Well i have to reseal my intake. It is an edelbrock performer intake for my buick V6. I learned when i first put the intake on that i cannot use the rubber side gaskets, because the intake will not line up. My question is how much RTV do i put on the rails to seal it? It seemed that last time i did not put enough on the sides, because it did not seal at all. Also is there a trick to keep the valley pan gasket on the intake so that it doesn't slip around when i install the intake.
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On the gaskets between the head and the intake don't use RTV, use either Fel-pro yellow or Permatex Hylomar HPF (sp?). These are a kind of goo product that never dries. They are designed for intake gaskets and fuel connections. They keep the gasket in place and they seal when torqued down. RTV degrades when it is exposed to fuel and your intake gaskets will fail in short order. As far as the rubber goes, If you notice it has a little ridge on the top. Have you tried removing that ridge and then seeing if the intake fits? That will take you down a good 1/8". If that is still too thick, then I would think a large bead of RTV would work, if you cleaned the mating surfaces well and made sure you didn't let it get into the engine as it will plug up oil galleries. The only pressure on this area is from crankcase gasses and it should actually be a vacuum if your pcv is working right. The rubber seals just keep dirt out of the oil.

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