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How well do Edelbrock carbs (particularly the 500cfm model) perform offroad, or how hard are they to tune for altitude and off camber offroad sections. I had a friend tell me that the only good carb for offroad was a quadrajet, but the Edelbrocks aren't as bad as Holly and other manufactures. Have you guys found this true? I kind of find it hard to beleve. Thanks.

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I had better luck getting an Edelbrock Performer carb to work right than two Holleys I went thru on my '76 Wagoneer w/AMC 401 V-8. Just replace the factory needle and seats with spring loaded ones. Tuning is simple and non-messy by pulling top and swapping springs and metering rods versus on Holley opening float bowl, dumping gas all over to change jets. The Holley has more goodies for modifying for off-road, but I've had little luck and lots of frustration with them. I've been told that the Carter AFB which is still available, (the Edelbrock Performer is a clone of the AFB), has better quality control. If you get the 500 cfm model with electric choke, it'll be cheaper than the Edelbrock w/elec choke kit. The Edelbrock Performer performed well for me. I only did light to moderate wheeling. If you plan on extreme stuff then the Quadrajet is the best for off road. Used and rebuilt ones are readily available from wrecking yards and parts stores. Edelbrock bought the rights to produce the Q-jet from Rochester when they went out of the carb business and market it as the Edelbrock Performer Q-jet. It's twice the price of the AFB cloned Performer, but really shines when at those steep angles and keeps running. I'm running the Edelbrock Performer Q-jet # 1904 on both my Jeeps.

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I'm running a performer 1405 (I think, 600 cfm) which is what they recomend for their intake on a 304. I think its alittle too much, and have yet to adjust anything other than the idle mixture... I might have to re-jet leaner, and definately have to put the off-road needles in... SO, other than flooding out in rough bumpy, steep climbs or right after snatching somebody out of the gumbo... Its doing just great. Good smooth power onroad, great foot stomping grunt and power off.

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