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Anybody else get this? I replied and asked for prices just for sh!ts and giggles. Here's the text and the picture that was attached:

Dear Sirs,
We take the liberty to introduce you we are the leading manufacturer
of electric winch for vehicles in China.
Our electric winch is from 2000lb to 15000lb which specially design for
all kinds of vehicles.
If you're interested in our products,please kindly send me your further
We wish to enter into business relations with you in the near future.
Best Regards
Michelle Cai (Sales Manager)
TEL: 0086 579 2394468
FAX: 0086 579 2370708
E-MAIL: [email protected]


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the picture is pretty small but from what i can tell by the label, it appears to be the cheap Ramsey REP8000E that harborfreight and northern tool carry for around $250/300. Its similiar to the usa made rep8K i have now except a cheaper less HP motor and imported. Dont waste your money

Harborfreight has been offering some milemarker duplicates ,9000lb electrics for under 4 bills that most likely would be better than those...
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