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Dirt Dog is probably correct.
If you didn't get the fast springs, that is the difference.
An AMC engine is more like a GM than a Ford in the advance department. They like a lot of it quick!
Fords are a little more reserved, and do the centrifugal thing a little slower.
Just by changing springs, you can wake the engine up quite a bit.

On the dyno, a spring change wasn't worth any extra total horsepower, but it did bring the horse power and torque in much faster. That's the extra 'Zip' some people get with the GM HEI.

I don't recommend changing springs unless you intend to upgrade the entire ignition.
It's just the next step in performance upgrades...

Under NO circumstances should you let an engine DETONATE! If you do the spring upgrade, make sure you adjust the initial to where the engine doesn't 'spark knock'! That is detonation, and it will kill the engine.
If your engine spark knocks, back the initial timing off two degrees at a time until it doesn't do it any more.
If you get below 6 degrees before TDC, and it's still spark knocking, you may have to go to stiffer springs or look for another problem.

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