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To Teamrush-I have installed the cap base cap and roter
along with new wires on my 258-I6.I could tell a
difference as soon as I started the engine.My question
is,will I benefit more using the tfi coil more than I have
using the Jacobs omni pak? Using the stock coil was not
much different than the Jacobs.I hate to invest much more
$$ if the improvement is not that much more.The
improvement is already like night&day with the
cap&roter.Any ideas are appreciated.
thanks nb


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I just did the same as you with the cap. Went to junk yard yesterday for coil mount, coil frame cover, connectors, radio interference cap. I think the coil listed in the TEAMRUSH information is a good one. Check the previous threads for the Duraspark upgrade. The coil I bought was the Borg Warner. I need to clean up and paint stuff I got, then install. I'll post results. Good Luck.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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