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Does anybody know the cheapest place I can find Durabak at. Also, anybody that has used it before, how easy is the application and does it look/work as good as the spray in liners? Any pictures would be helpful also. Thanks in advance

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I just got mine in this weekend. Sorry I don't have any pics of it. It went on very easy and looks great! As always, a good prep job is the key. I brushed and rolled mine on, went on fast. The hardest part of the job was taking out all of the 20 year old bolds on my CJ. The ones I didn't break off I had to cut off!
Good Luck!

DO NOT seal the lid with plastic wrap and store the can up-side-down as recommended.
I had a heck of a time chizeling that gallon can off my garage floor!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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