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I own an 84' CJ-7 Laredo in excellent condition. My question is there any cons to painting the outside of your vehicle with bedliner. (Duabak, Rhino Lining, etc.) I have a good paint job but it is just beginning to get scratched up. I went to Rocktober Fest in Arkansas last weekend and saw a jeep painted with this. It looks like it is extremely durable, and wouldn't scratch for anything. Is there any chance that water could get underneath the liner and secretly rust? Please give me some thoughts on this idea. Thanks!


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I think that would be determined by how well
it was applied and # of coats, keeping in mind
despite how tough it is Durabak can be dinged
and chipped. But since it bonds to itself it
would be a cinch to patch.
I did my tub with it.
I thought about doing it partially on the exterior,
rear corners and front of the front fenders.
If ya do it let us know and get some pics.
Gary '78cj7


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I would say no, but would sugest you strip the body tub down first, if you have any rust starting now it would be trapped under the lining and eventually it will eat away at the body, sand it down, prep it with a sealant / primer like dp-40 or such, then apply the coating. let me know how it works out, I've been thinking of doing this for some time now.


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I've never seen it used on a body that was in good shape, but I have seen a couple of rusted Scouts with it. These guys just duct taped and fiberglassed the rust holes and applied the Durabak/Herculiner. It's amazing how well the rough testure covers imperfections. I have friends that have put it inside their body tubs and one that painted a hardtop with it(which turned out great, looks very good). If you already had rust forming, I'd recommend repairing it first. If you just covered it up, it could continue to spread under the liner and you wouldn't know it, until your truck fell apart ;)

Happy Trails,

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I think that if you do the proper prep work it should be fine. I've done my tub with it and also considered doint the exterior. When I was sandblasting my tub I slipped and got part of the exterior just below the tailgate. My options were to repaint that area or cover it with Durabak. Since my dogs jump up lots on this area I opted for the Durabak and it works just fine.
The only drawback I can see with using a tubliner on the exterior of your vehicle would be in the appearence of the finish over time. It would be difficult to keep really clean because of the texture of the material. But, it's a Jeep and are they not suppose to be dirty most of the time?/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif

Cutch 88YJ
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