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I Envious you,I was supposed to have gone last week with a buddy (if you can call someone with a land cruiser a buddy) but I had shoulder surgery and had to cancel.
This past weekend the local jeep club took a large group of handy capped kids & adults to the Voyager camp (North east side of Courtright) for a wilderness experience. Never seen so many wheel chairs in Jeeps.
I live between Courtright & Wishon and see all you fella coming and going. This past year we had a lot of snow which caused the late opening of the trail. Lots of other trails here too but not as demanding as some portions of the Dusy-Ershim. Spanish, Swamp Lake, etc. Hunting season opened this weekend so there is more activity on the trails.
A locker, lift or SOA and 33's seems to the general concencus for the Dusy-Ershim.
I don't know about leaving trailers at Shaver Lake. It's 36 miles to the trail head at Courtright and no fuel. The elevation at Courtright is 8400 ft. Not sure how far it is from Shaver the other end of the trail but it's about the same.
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