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I'm with Dave on this one. In fact the dual oil filter setup that I bought (from PermaCool) used to be a FRAM part# (that is, it used to be listed in the FRAM catologue). There are plenty of good reasons as Dave has said.....the added capacity for one. I did a full throttle run in 3rd gear so that I could feel the $105 of added horsepower that TurboCity had just sold me :0)......well it only lasted 10 or 15 seconds.....but when I was done I'd lost 8-10 psi off of my normal 42-45 at idle (22-25 before the hv oil pump)....what I'm saying is that although the temp gauge didn't move - the oil was the first to feel the onrush of heat.....the more quarts you have the more you get to spread that type of "insult" around and you can avoid prematurely "fataguing" the oil. Most jeepers blow this off feeling that the 3000 mile change is conservative enough for their needs. I for one (among a very few) won't depend on just that to protect the internals of my engine in extreme conditions -and almost everyone here subjects their motors to EXTREME conditions- why they treat the lubication of their motor like it was a common passenger car..I don't know. I want to be able to idle my motor in traffic when it's 95 degrees out (or crawl at 3000 rpm in 4WLOW and not worry about it). I had a high volume pump installed on my TJ at around 3000 miles (stage 1) ..the dual filters come next (stage 2) and then a oil cooler w/ themostat (stage 3).
Maybe I'm just obsessive but I would rather over engineer this part of the total'll never see me posting "Oil in air cleaner" or "Excessive Blow-by-HELP"......unless there is a severe manufacturers defect somewhere in my'll never need a rebuild because of a lubrication or cooling system failure in my life time regardless of how much I demand from it.
So .....buck the convention of the "common oilers" .....go hog wild and join the "obsessive oilers" like Dave and'll never regret it.

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