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AM General Makes a dual oil filter kit, allowing TWO oil filters to be mounted on a Hummer.
Has anyone out there purchased and used this item?
Are there any tricks I need to know to install it?
Can this item be placed on another vehicle?
Is there a similar item available for non-Hummer vehicles?



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Well, unfortuneately, I can't afford a Hummer yet, but that's not why I'm posting. I have seen dual oil filter kits for non-Hummer vehicles. I think I saw one in an ad somewhere for around $40 or $50. I'm not exactly sure of the price, but have seen this type of thing around, however still haven't tried one. I'll bet your local parts store would either have one or probably be happy to order one for you. I hope that helped...



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I had one of those on my 84 Surburban w/ 6.2 liter Diesel and it worked great.

If you find one for the HUmmer H2 let me know. The OEM small ass filter is a joke!

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