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Driveshaft Vibes, any ideas???

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Hi, I have a 93 GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab, 305, 5-speed, 2WD and I replaced the center bearing on the rear driveshaft and now I'm getting a bad vibration from the driveshaft. I was just curious if anyone had any ideas on what could be causing this? I'm pretty sure its something to do with the bearing or beacuse it didnt do this before. I marked the rear when i took the u-joint out of the axle yoke, so I know it's not out of balance there. Any ideas? I'd hate to spend good money on a shop and find out it was a stupid little problem. Thanks.
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Run for your life, it's gonna blow. No seriously, sorry can't help you. I don't know jack crap about anything mechanical. How do I ever survive?
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I read where you said you marked the u-joint and may be talking about this but I'm not sure so I'll ask anyway, did you mark the splines on the front shaft and the slip on the rear shaft and put them back together the same? They are balanced together and if you don't put them back the exact same way they will be way out of wack.

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I didn't mark that, i wasn't aware.... hmm. I'm not going to be home until tuesday to check it out, but I'll take a look. Any pointers on getting it realigned, or is it just hit or miss now?
Try it each way till it's no vibrating... Basically you now have 2 shafts that are completely out of balance of each other which would make some major vibrations... If you can't get it back to normal then you need to take it and get it rebalanced.

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Alright, thanks a lot for the help. I'll try it tuesday when I get home and let you know how it goes.
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