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which wheels on a stock wrangler are the ones with the power, from what i notice its the both wheels on the drivers side is that right? i thought that it was supposed to be on opposite sides, maybe i'm wrong..

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Wow! I'll bite.
In 2wd, it's both rear wheels and in 4 wheel drive (both hi and lo) it's all 4.

I'm guessing that you're referring to which wheels spin when you try to move and don't have enough traction. The answer to that is
whichever ones spin the easiest. If you drive one front wheel (4wd) up onto a mound 'til you can't go any farther, the opposite front wheel is
likely to spin. That's because half the weight of the Jeep is on the one that's on the mound. It can't spin very easily. The other half the
weight of the Jeep is on the back tire opposite the one on the mound, so it won't spin easily, either. That makes the rear tire on the same
side as the one on the mound "light" and it will spin easily.

There are other factors that come into play too, though. Those factors are limited slip diffs, and traction surfaces. Also, driveshaft torque has
a tendency to lift one tire on each axle and transfer that weight to the opposite tire. That's the reason that in a normal 2wd car the right rear
tire is the one to break traction first going forward and the left one does it going back.

hope this clears things up a bit and that I didn't just muddy the waters some more.

Jason '87YJ

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I believe the vanilla answer your looking for is right rear, left front. Those are the tires that wear the quickest on a full time 4wd (open diff) veichles. in 2wd, its the right rear. OBviously you shouldnt be running 4wd on the road to test this theory, but that's the answer.

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